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PTO Minutes

Monday 8/27/18


Meeting was called to order by Sarah Walton at 4:00 pm.


In attendance were: Jackie Bauder, Tim Blankenship, Leigh Hill,  Amy Pindell, Laura McCormick, Andrew Ebel, Nellie Buller, Elaine Daly and Sarah Walton.


Minutes of last meeting accepted: motioned by Sarah Walton and seconded by Laura McCormick.


Treasurer’s Report read and accepted: $836.63 motioned by Leigh Hill and seconded by Tim Blankenship.


Old Business:


What to do with buns left over from the community picnic: Motion to donate buns to K-Bar by Laura McCormick and seconded by Tim Blankenship.


New Business:


Incentive/reward ideas for students returning to school and FAST/ Wy-Topp testing: Ideas bandied about were hiring a magician, Avalance from UW, a rewards day, shirts for students. Jackie Bauder said she would check with Bear Creek to see if they can match a competitor’s price of 6 dollars for shirts.


The Glendo Booster Club has merged with the Glendo PTO. The PTO will now be responsible for running the concession stand at all ball games. Jackie Bauder will collaborate with Mrs. Morsett on the operations of the concession stand and share information with the PTO.


Amy Pindell made a motion for this year’s Fall Festival at Glendo Schools to be on October 26. Jackie Bauder seconded the motion. Further research into the school calendar will determine if this date is viable. Jackie Bauder also volunteered to head the subcommittee for this endeavor. Sarah Walton has the leftover equipment and materials from last year’s Fall Festival.


Tim Blankenship volunteered to decorate the PTO board in the hallway.


A “Farm to School” program was discussed with the idea of a corn shucking contest with possible donations from Lingle Corn Company.


Jackie Bauder volunteered to obtain snacks for students taking the FAST and Wy-Topp tests. Amy Pindell agreed to relay to Jackie Bauder the number of students involved in testing.


Possible PTO fundraisers discussed were: cookie sales, pies, parent’s night out, Hocus Pocus, Chariot Races, Christmas Store


Concession stand duties are as follows:


September 4: Amy Pindell

September 7: Tim Blankenship

September 13: Nellie Buller

September 20: Sarah Walton and Elaine Daly


A motion was made by Tim Blankenship that future PTO meetings last no longer than 1 hour. Motion was seconded by Laura McCormick.


Motion to conclude meeting at 5:10 was made by PTO president Sarah Walton and seconded by Amy Pindell.


Next PTO meeting September 24, 3:30 in the Glendo School Cafeteria.


Tim Blankenship Glendo PTO Secretary

Glendo School PTO Minutes 5/21/18


Meeting was called to order by Sarah Walton 3:40 pm.


In attendance were: Jackie Bauder, Kodi Brennan, Tim Blankenship, Tiffany Hegglund, Leigh Hill, Kathy Morsett, Amy Pindell, Robbie Sandborn, and Sarah Walton.


Minutes of last meeting accepted: motioned by Kodi Brennan and seconded by Sarah Walton.


Treasurer’s Report read and accepted: $1263.23 motioned by Robbie Sandborn and seconded by Sarah Walton.


Old Business:


Teacher benefit activity raised $650 for both Tiffany Hegglund and Chris Leathers.


Student incentive program: Littles went swimming and Biggies went bowling.


Teacher appreciation week: Teachers received polo shirts from PTO. Amber needs to be reimbursed for thank you cards. Cards were signed by students and delivered to teacher’s lounge.


Field Day: Discussion centered around how tickets were to be dispensed, obstacle course obstacles, prizes, parent/teacher competition, float feud between Robbie and Jackie, (inconclusive victor), stations well-equipped by teachers.


New Business:


Community BBQ in the City Park tentatively set for Thursday August 16th, 2018 beginning at 4:30. Games in the park for kids afterwards including horseshoes.


Kathy Morsett volunteered to bring hamburgers and hot dogs.


Glendo School shall provide cups and plates.


PTO shall provide buns, condiments, drinks, and desserts.


Jackie Bauder volunteered to bring a grill.


PTO to ask Brandon Buller to operate grill perhaps.


Discussed asking Dana Sanborn how much to hamburger and how many hot dogs to purchase, group agreed .5 pound hamburger per person would be reasonable.


New Officers:


President: Sarah Walton


Vice President: Jackie Bauder


Treasurer: Leigh Hill


Secretary: Tim Blankenship


Next Meeting August 27, 2018 at 3:30 pm in school cafeteria.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm motioned by Kodi Brennan, seconded by Sarah Walton


Glendo PTO


January 29, 2018


A meeting was held at the Glendo School lunchroom on January 29, 2018


Present: Kodi Brennan (president), Sarah Walton (vice president), Heather Hoyt (secretary), Leigh Hill (treasurer), Tim Blankenship, Amy Pindell, Robbie Sanborn, Elaine Daly, and Amber Dickau


Call to order at 3:41 p.m. by Kodi Brennan, president.


The minutes from the December meeting were read by Sarah Walton. Sarah Walton moved to approve the minutes, Amy Pindell seconded, and they were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report: December 31 balance was $1,827.50. Current balance is $2,079.50. The Christmas store earned $172. The PTO previously approved funding for a sound system, which is still pending.


Christmas store: Several parents expressed appreciation for the school Christmas store. We should do it again next year.


Incentive Program: An activity is still being decided and discussed. PTO can help out as needed.


Prom Party Committee: We need to communicate with the junior class. The PTO is still willing to help.


Valentine’s Day: No activity will be held for or on Valentine’s Day.


Field Day: The elementary school will hold a field day this year on May 22 (the day before the last day of school). The PTO will help. Heather Hoyt motioned that we set up a subcommittee, and Sarah Walton seconded. The motion passed. Amy Pindell will head the subcommittee and members include Sarah Walton, Heather Hoyt, and Robbie Sandborn.


Parents and Pastries: Date set for Friday, February 23. Kodi Brennan will pick up donuts on Thursday. We will see if juice and milk can get donated. PTO members will make and bring muffins.


Raffle: Elaine Daly mention that there are chariot races the first weekend of March that bring in a lot of people to Glendo. The possibility of a raffle was explored, with a decision that we could do a 50/50 raffle during that weekend (as well as a possibility of a raffle during the dodgeball tournament). Sarah Walton motioned to do a 50/50 raffle at the chariot races. Kodi Brennan seconds. The motion passed.

Dodgeball Tournament: a tentative date was set for the tournament on Saturday, April 7, but the schedule needs to be coordinated with the track schedule.


Shirt Quote: Shirts provided to school faculty and staff from Bear Creek will cost around $21, for a total of $525-$550. Heather Hoyt motioned that we purchase the shirts. Sarah Walton seconded. The motion was approved. A sign-up sheet for sizes is needed next.


School board planning meeting: A meeting will be held February 12. PTO will offer to provide dinner if desired.


Request for funding: Tim Blankenship request $246 for a water testing kit for science classes. Sarah Walton motioned to approve funding, Amber seconded. The motion was approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:26


Next meeting will be held on February 26, 2018


Glendo PTO


October 30, 2017


A meeting was held at the Glendo Schools lunchroom on October 30, 2017


Present: Kodi Brennan (president), Sarah Walton (vice president), Heather Hoyt (secretary), Leigh Hill (treasurer), Tim Blankenship, Robbie Sanborn, Amy Pindell


Call to order at 3:37 p.m. by Kodi Brennan.


Heather Hoyt presented the minutes from the September 25 meeting for approval. Sarah Walton motioned for approval, Amy Pindell seconded, and they were passed unanimously.


Leigh Hill presented the treasure’s report. There is around $1,403 dollars in accounts, plus some deposits that need to be made.


The PTO paid for half ($100) of a field trip to see a movie for the elementary students as a rewards for doing well on testing.


Fall Festival is on Saturday, August 4.

  • Tim Blankenship read an announcement that was approved with some changes.
  • PTO members are needed to bring baked goods for the cake walk.
  • A TV was donated for the festival; prizes are ordered; gift cards will be obtained.
  • The Wheatland schools will also be invited.
  • Anyone running a booth needs to be there at 3:30.


Glendo PTO


September 25, 2017


A meeting was held at the Glendo Schools lunchroom on September 25, 2017.


Present: Kodi Brennan (president), Sarah Walton (vice president), Dana Sanborn, Heather Hoyt (secretary), Leigh Hill (treasurer), Deidra Wilson, Tim Blankenship, Elaine Daly


Call to order at 3:35 p.m. by Kodi Brennan.


Motion by Kodi Brennan to remove Amber Dickau as an authorized user of the PTO bank account and to authorize Leigh Hill to withdraw and deposit funds and sign any necessary documents and/or checks payable from the PTO’s accounts. Motion was approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s report by Leigh Hill: Current balance in bank is $1,431.12. Funds as include an additional donation for the Fall Festival.


Fall Festival Committee report by Sarah Walton: The committee made a flyer and sponsor letter that needs to be distributed and posted by PTO members at local businesses. A copy of the flyer will also be sent for email/website purposes. The committee discussed booth ideas, budget/sponsors for prizes, and the use of a snow cone machine and bounce house. They decided on a family discount this year for tickets. Dinner will be pizza with chips, drink, and cookie, and Dana Sanborn proposed we make the pizza. The possibility of a Facebook event was discussed. Next committee meeting will be October 9 after school.


Previous business:


  • Childcare for PTO meetings had not yet been announced but is in progress.
  • Forms for a request of PTO funds have been made and are in the front office.
  • A box for the winter clothing drive still needs to be acquired.
  • After-prom part was discussed briefly, and Sarah Walton motioned it to be tabled until a later date, with Dana Sanborn seconded and unanimous approval.
  • Testing incentive program will be discussed when the principal is present.


Upcoming activities:

  • Spooky Lunch: Set for October 31, with decorations completed October 30 after school.
  • Jammies ‘n Jingles: teachers will decide on a date sometime in December.
  • Christmas store: date set for December 18, 19, 20. Location needs to be discussed with administration.
  • Valentine’s Day: possibly provided flowers for students to purchase and give. Also possibility of a formal dance and dinner, where students learn how to dance.
  • Dodgeball in March/April: there will be teams in a tournament bracket. Possibility of a sponsor to host the tournament. No head shots allowed.


Bulletin Board: will be decorated Monday, October 2 around 10:00 a.m.


Next meeting: October 30th.


Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.


Glendo PTO


August 28, 2017


A meeting was held at the Glendo Schools lunchroom on August 28, 2017.


Present: Kodi Brennan, Dana Sanborn, Deidra Wilson, Kathy Morsett, Sarah Walton, Leigh Hill, Heather Hoyt, Tim Blankenship, Robbie Sanborn, Amy Pindell, and Tiffany Hegglund.


Call to order at 3:35 p.m. by Dana Sanborn, Vice President.


Proposed new officers:

  • Kodi Brennan, president
  • Sarah Walton, vice president
  • Heather Hoyt, secretary
  • Leigh Hill, treasurer


The new officers were voted in with unanimous approval.


Minutes from last meeting were absent.


Treasurer’s report from Leigh Hill, treasurer: current bank account balance as of July 31, 2017 is $1,403.00.


Last year’s accomplishments:

  • Fall Festival; meals and refreshments for Spooky Lunch, Christmas concert, talent show, Dish ‘n Swishin’, basketball games, and Back to School Night; field trip lunches and snacks; Moms & Muffins/Dads & Donuts event; tetherball purchased; Iron Man plaques purchased; books for Jammies and Jingles and reading incentives; Christmas store; and FBLA sponsorship.
  • Many things we did last year should be repeated this year, including Fall Festival, books for Jammies and Jingles, and any sponsorships as needed.


Bylaws were handed out to all in attendance.


Back to School Night served over ninety hot dogs donated by JK Bar Bible Ranch.


Childcare. Childcare provided by students for PTO meetings. PTO could donate funds to the junior class or the senior class and/or provide incentives such as gift cards to students. Little gym for location, and games/toys/balls used. Childcare will be announced and a sign-up provided.


Date for PTO meetings: Last/4th Monday of the month was approved. The time will be placed on Facebook to see if anyone objects or has another suggestion.


Bulletin Board: Ms. Morsett has given the PTO a bulletin board outside of the front office. The goals is to be more organized and put a full schedule of activities up there to notify student and parents and to give us more time to plan. A committee could decorate the bulletin board for fall, spring, etc.


Events for 2017-2018 school year:

  • Winter clothing drive. Box needs to be put out soon so that donations can begin to be accepted.
  • Post-prom party: laser tag, blow-up activities, etc.—need for chaperones and possible sponsors.
  • Donate school supplies to the community as community outreach.
  • Other possibilities: bingo for books activity; homecoming; Valentines banquet.


Motion from Amy Pindell to have PTO help fund incentives for good test scores. General agreement, but no specifics determined.


Tim Blankenship motions for a dodge ball tournament as a fundraiser. Community members sign up for a team and pays a fee. Possible dinner/desserts. Met with general approval.


Fall Festival: Heather Hoyt moves for a committee made for the fall festival and a date set. Dana Sanborn seconds, with unanimous approval. Date is set for November 4, 2017 from 4-7p.m. Committee is set up including Kodi Brennan, Sarah Walton, Dana Sanborn, and Amy Pindell, with Tim Blankenship and Kathy Morsett helping as they can. More committee members are welcome. Committee will meet Monday, September 11 after school. Also mentioned: pie face, water balloons, and advertising.


Request forms: Updated request forms for this school year will be made and placed in the office, and possibly on the bulletin board.


Next meeting: September 25. Planning a complete schedule for next year should be done next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.