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Kids Heart Challenge Virtual!

Posted Date: 04/07/2020


Family Dancing

Today’s Challenges

Physical Challenge

For today’s physical challenge, we want to loosen you up so you can show us your dance moves!

Complete 100 jumping jacks (try 4 sets of 25) to get your heart beating and body moving.


Kindness Challenge

A kind word is often all that is needed to truly make someone’s day.

Take a few minutes today to call a family member or friend and say hello. They will love to hear your voice!


Hello, Heart Hero!

Welcome to your first day of Kids Heart Challenge Virtual! We are so happy you’re joining students across the country in an exciting 10-day journey!

Today’s theme is DANCE!

In an effort to avoid potential stir-crazy chaos during school closures, your registered child will receive heart-healthy activities, recipes, tips and inspiring stories as a part of the Kids Heart Challenge’s Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb. We are excited to share these daily resources to help your family stay heart healthy.

So, let’s get this dance party started – a great way to keep blood pumping and energy levels high. Not to mention a fun and easy way to get your family movin’ and groovin’!

Today, take a moment to learn one of the videos below, record your family’s dances and post to social media with the hashtag #kidsheartchallenge and #movemore.

The instructional videos are available below. We can’t wait to see your family’s moves!

Bailey Munoz wearing American Heart Association white t-shirtElementary Routine

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler wearing American Heart Association white t-shirtsJazz Routine

Comfort Fedoke wearing an American Heart Assocation white t-shirtHip Hop Routine



Making A positive impact

We know that right now times are uncertain. But we are still working hard to find new treatments for heart disease and stroke. And we need you now more than ever before.

Your hard work is funding research that saves lives.

Over the past 50 years, people with big hearts like yours have helped reduce the number of people dying from cardiovascular disease by more than 70%.

Thank you for raising lifesaving funds!



Kick Cabin Fever Features

Featured Video

Heart Heroes Dancing

Heart Hero Dance Party


Today’s Activities

Laney Swinging

Get the Whole Family Moving at Home
Dance It Out


Tasty Recipes

Laney Swinging

Berry Nuts Granola Bars
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup


Tips of the Day

Laney Swinging

Physical Activity Recommendations for Kids
Indoor Recess Activities To Do A Home



Share! Share! Share!

Show off those dance moves! Make sure to share the photos and videos you take today.